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About us


SquareFootage’s strategy is quite simple. We are big fans of what we call: Bridging the gaps strategy. Our approach is to find strong markets and good opportunities to bridge the gaps between supply and demand. By no means are we trying to claim that we are creating new markets or redefining the world by launching monumental projects that never end, involve big risks and yield no return for investors. We are a developer with both feet on the ground, and a sound vision focused on the following beliefs:

Every projects must have a start, a middle and an end. We favor projects that can be achieved within short time frames. Hence, we avoid land developments or projects that need zoning changes or have timescale issues. 

The market must be clearly defined with sound and conservative data.

Soft costs must remain minimal and represent a low percentage of the overall project expenses. We are committed to providing our investors with real tangible assets for their money. 

We must be able to differentiate us from the competition by being able to use our knowledge and existing technologies.

Our services

SquareFootage is a single-source provider of construction, development and real-estate services, catering to the industrial-, commercial-, institutional-, and residential markets.

We always work in close collaboration with our clients. This enables us to accommodate their specific requirements regarding design and construction, and to meet and even exceed their expectations in terms of budget and deadlines.

Project pre-development
Project financing
Project marketing
Project realization & development
Project pre-development

Project Pre-development

At SquareFootage, our project development team goes beyond project feasibility and economic viability. We have the capability to deliver all aspects of the pre-construction phase to ensure that our projects remain on scope, time and budget.

  • Analysis of economic viability, feasibility studies and pro forma.
  • Preliminary definition of architectural concept and land occupation.
  • Engineering and construction methods.
  • Definition of operation strategies and project achievements.
Project financing

Project Financing

Over the years Squarefootage has developed privileged relationships with groups of private investors based mainly in Europe. Through these associations, we are able to provide unique financing solutions for our projects.

  • Debt Structure and Project Equity.
  • Syndication of financing.
Project marketing

Project Marketing

From branding and design to sales and lease strategies, our market team leverages data and trends in order to achieve maximum value. We create high engaging content fully alligned with the targeted demographics of each project we lead.

  • Implantation of projects’ sales structure and exit strategies.
  • Definition of the sales and lease strategies.
  • Sales from our strategic partner network.
Project development and achievement

Project Realization & Development

SquareFootage is structured to provide the following services:

  • Management for every project phase.
  • Project development with architects, engineers, and authorities.
  • Definition of construction solutions to decrease costs.
  • Construction supervision including contract negotiation.
  • Building and delivering with our construction partners